OVARELIN - Technical data sheet

Legal statement


COMPOSITION 5 mg of gonadoreline diacetate tetrahydrate. 0.9 g of benzyl alcohol. Excipient q.s. 100 ml.

INDICATIONS Treatment of follicular cysts and repeat breeding in cows.

ROUTE OF ADMINISTRATION AND DOSAGE Intramuscular injection of 100 mcg (2 ml) of OVARELIN in cows presenting follicular cysts. A corpus luteum is usually detectable by rectal palpation within 8 days of the injection. If there is no corpus luteum and if new follicular cysts appear, the treatment should be renewed. Have the cow inseminated or covered during the first heat, which takes place on average 20 days after treatment. Intramuscular injection of 100 mcg (2 ml) of OVARELIN in repeat breeders cows.
LEGAL CLASSIFICATION List I. VETERINARY USE. Respect the prescribed dose. Only to be delivered on medical prescription.
PRESENTATIONS Box containing 1 2-ml bottle. Box containing 1 20-ml bottle. Box containing 10 20-ml bottles.

As licensed indications may vary between countries, please check packaging or leaflets for exact instructions.

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